Adamz Buenafé

Aufnahme & Produktion

Adamz is from Spain and he is an ESK volunteer in FS1 for 2019.
He studied a Degree in Mass Media and a Degree in Business Management in the Rey Juan Carlos University, in Madrid. During his studies, he did an internship as a TV producer, making short reports for the national public broadcaster, Televisión Española. Then, he got his dream job: he worked in a local radio station in Madrid for 6 months, producing different programs and collaborating in them. Before coming to Salzburg, he was working in an Arts University, giving support as a technician in the Cinema and Photography areas.
Adamz likes music and everything related to it: he is a fan of music TV shows from all over the world, he would like to produce songs and he was a dancer when he was a teenager, occasionally performing on TV.


Sendungen, bei denen Adamz mitwirkt

Fs1 Corona

FS1 in der Corona-Krise

Liebe Community,

wir nehmen die Corona-Krise sehr ernst. Deshalb ist das FS1-Office ab sofort geschlossen.

Der Sendebetrieb wird wie gewohnt fortgesetzt.

Alle FS1-Mitarbeiter*innen sind via E-Mail im Home-Office erreichbar, der Equipmentverleih ist ab sofort online möglich.

Außerdem starten wir ab sofort #HomeOnAir und #EventOnAir.