FS1 — Switch You On: Salzburg’s Public Access, Television and Community Media Center

FS1 is a non-com­mer­cial, adfree com­mu­ni­ty tele­vi­si­on sta­ti­on and com­mu­ni­ty media cen­ter in Salz­burg (Aus­tria) and next to the Com­mu­ni­ty TV okto in Vien­na and dorf in Linz the third non-com­mer­cial broad­cas­ter with a 24 hour full pro­gram in Austria.

After the launch on 16th Febru­a­ry 2012 we broad­cast via DVB‑C (Salz­burg AG, Chan­nel Slot “36”, TV Stan­dard 720p) in all are­as of the sta­te of Salz­burg and cover some are­as of Sty­ria (Schlad­ming, Bad Aus­see). 
Over A1.TV we broad­cast sin­ce 1/2017 through IPTV (Chan­nel Slot “436”, TV Stan­dard 720p) nationwide.

FS1 offers not only public access to TV, we are open for unskil­led per­sons / groups / initia­ti­ves / schools etc., and trai­ne and edu­ca­te in jour­na­lism, mul­ti­me­dia pro­duc­tion, broad­cast ser­vices in TV / Inter­net, com­mu­ni­ty buil­ding and free speech.

Read more in the Eng­lish FS1 Wiki­pe­dia entry

How to reach us

Com­mu­ni­ty TV Salz­burg Non-Com­mer­cial Ltd.
Berg­stra­ße 12 — 5020 Salz­burg, Aus­tria — E.U.

Office Fon: +43 662 231036

Mail: office@fs1.tv

Main Contacts

Alf Alten­dorf (Finan­cial) a.altendorf@fs1.tv, mobi­le: +43 — 699 14301075
Mar­kus Weis­he­it­in­ger-Herr­mann (Pro­duc­tion) m.weisheitinger-herrmann@fs1.tv

Regi­na Würz r.wuerz@fs1.tv

Chu­se Con­gost c.congost@fs1.tv

ACA­DE­MY (Work­shops)
Car­la Ste­nit­zer c.stenitzer@fs1.tv

Lau­ra Strauss l.strauss@fs1.tv

Chris Eber­le c.eberle@fs1.tv
Chris­toph Huber c.huber@fs1.tv

ESC — European Solidarity Corps

Sin­ce 2016 FS1 is recei­ving orga­ni­sa­ti­on accredi­ted to run pro­jects under Euro­pean Soli­da­ri­ty Corps — part of the Euro­pean Union’s Eras­mus+ pro­gram­me.

We host 1 — 2 young vol­un­te­ers, hel­ping to estab­lish & run media pro­jects for Salz­burgs Com­mu­ni­ty TV Sta­ti­on in con­ta­ct with local cul­tu­re, music & refu­gee communities.

For­mer Euro­pean Vol­un­te­ers: Maria José Con­gost (2016), Gök­çe Akyüz (2017), Astghik Hov­han­ni­s­y­an (2017), Eli­sa Vis­ca (2018), Olek­san­dra Volos­hy­na (2019), Adamz Buen­a­fé Domen­den (2019), Ale­jan­dro Hernán­dez Blan­ca (2020), Yulia Shesta­ko­va (2020)

Our current ESC-Volunteers:

Daniela Quiñonero 

Produktion & Postproduktion

Danie­la is from Bar­ce­lo­na and stu­di­ed in Valen­cia Jour­na­lism and Media. She moved to Fin­la… Mehr lesen

Daniela Tucci 

Produktion & Postproduktion

Born in a small town in the north of Ita­ly, Danie­la stu­di­ed at Uni­ver­si­ty of Reg­gio Emi­lia… Mehr lesen

Album with our current & former ESC-Volunteers. Thanks a lot, guys!

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