Alex Hernandez

Aufnahme & Produktion

Editor and Mixer. Alejandro, from Spain, finished his studies in ISEP CEU Cardenal Herrera in Moncada.
During his years as student in the university he collaborate like a internship student in the magazine program "El MatÍ À Punt" like editor and works in the news "Informatius Migdia À Punt" for a few months in editing and mixing in his tv local in Valencia .
After finished his studies he work like stage manager in a special program "Falles 2019". Also works of assistant production in the program "Cantant al Cotxe" and editing weddings in a photography studio.

"I consider myself a creative, open and decisive person. I really enjoy working as a team and knowing the different points of view of the people around me and learning new work techniques"


Sendungen, bei denen Alex mitwirkt

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