Elisa Visca

Musician from Italy, Elisa graduated at Music High School “Liceo Musicale Dante” in Florence, where she studied a lot about music such as Music technology, music composition and analysis, orchestra, flute and piano.
After her studies she decided to enjoy FS1 team before starting University, for living her second experience in another country and for learn about new media.
She would like to become an expert in current digital communication techniques and create digital media content.
She is creative and she loves different kind of arts like music, graphics and hand crafting. Elisa was European Volunteer (ESC) at FS1 during 2018.

Fs1 Corona

FS1 in der Corona-Krise

Liebe Community,

wir nehmen die Corona-Krise sehr ernst. Deshalb ist das FS1-Office ab sofort geschlossen.

Der Sendebetrieb wird wie gewohnt fortgesetzt.

Alle FS1-Mitarbeiter*innen sind via E-Mail im Home-Office erreichbar, der Equipmentverleih ist ab sofort online möglich.

Außerdem starten wir ab sofort #HomeOnAir und #EventOnAir.