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New EVS in FS1: From the sea to the montains

My name is Chuse and I am a spanish journalist who has joined the FS1 team as the new European Volunteer for the next year.

After finishing my studies, I worked for some years in radio and local television in my hometown, running different programs and collaborating with several contents, such as reports, interviews, cultural agenda and social networks.

I  come from a sea city, Alicante, which is really different to Salzburg, and even though I can’t live far from the beach for too long, this is my second time in Austria, since I already lived in the south of the country for one year when I worked as an Au-pair.

So, from this point, just let’s enjoy every moment of this year and take advantage of every new experience!


Fernsehluft schnuppern, Erfahrungen sammeln, Zutritt zu Events und kostenlose Weiterbildung. Voll anrechenbar als Uni Pflichtpraktikum.

Herbst 2019

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