Dein FS1

New Volunteer at FS1: Elisa

My name is Elisa and I am a italian musician who has joined the FS1 team as the new European Volunteer for the next year.  

I graduated at Music High School “Liceo Musicale Dante” in Florence, where I studied a lot about music such as Music technology, music composition and analysis, orchestra, flute and piano.
I come from a hill small village, Londa, near to Florence, and even though I can’t live far from my sweet home for too long, this is my second time abroad, since I already lived in Hungary for one year, when I followed an AFS Intercultral project.

So, from this point, just let’s enjoy every moment of this year and take advantage of every new experience!

Wir gehen wählen. Für ein vereintes und starkes Europa. Du auch?

Es genügt nicht, nur auf eine bessere Zukunft zu hoffen: Diesmal müssen wir alle Verantwortung übernehmen.

Motiviere auch andere zur Wahl – denn wenn alle wählen, gewinnen auch alle.

Mehr dazu.