Ilma Tyrbetari

Produktion & Postproduktion

Ilma Tyrbetari was born in Albania, and grown in Thessaloniki, Greece. She holds an integrated Master in film studies (Aristorle University Of Thessaloniki, Fine Arts).

While studying, she had been working for a small company in Thessaloniki called anemiCinema. That provided her the great chance to be part of the production of a feature film in 2017 as well as a 4 episodes series for the Greek National TV.

In 2017 she decided it was about time to experience different cultures and thus, study for one semester in the Audiovisual and crossmedia in Tallinn, Estonia. During her studies, she was asked to produce a variety of short films. As a graduation project she produced and co-directed with a friend a documentary about her village in Albania. The documentary had its premiered in Tirana's International Film Festival.

Ilma is interested in anthropological subjects, and would love to help people have a voice through her projects. Right now she is seeking for more professional experience as well as giving herself the chance to be more international.


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