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Refugee TV | Second Magazine and Media Summit Academy. Watch out

Once again Oli­via Chris­to­pher from Nige­ria and the refu­gee tv team invi­te you to take a look at the other per­spec­ti­ve with the fol­lowing headlines:

Break the chains — women figh­t­ing for their rights and against vio­lence. refu­gee tv joi­ned the One Bil­li­on Rising Event in Salzburg.
Break the rules — How to be a refu­gee tv repor­ter? The pro­ject is all about empowerment.
Buil­ding a music band — an aus­tri­an musi­ci­an ist the front woman of the refu­gee tv sup­port band
Brea­king news — the new col­league from Syria intro­du­ces herself

In addi­ti­on to the second maga­zi­ne, we’d also like to pre­sent the spe­cial report about the Media Sum­mit Aca­de­my for you. 20 refu­gees joi­ned the FS1 Work­shop and pro­du­ced their own TV show.

Watch out for refu­gee tv sen­ding times at the FS1 programm.

Also online on you­tube.

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Herbst 2021

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