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20190227 KUK SUB 0042 FS1 S06 E08 SubnetTalk KarinFerrari

Subnet Talk | Karin Ferrari zu: The iPhone Xs – A Techno-Magical Portal

“The new iPhone… It’s not what you think it is… Karin Ferrari looked deep into the secret symbolism of the advertising campaign for the iPhone Xs. Her new short mystery documentary shows: It’s alive. And it is not entirely of terrestrial origin. These startling revelations are just the beginning of the strangest details to emerge from Ferrari’s alternative reading of iconic images and the curious insights they offer into our collective technological imagination – that the award winning artist, Karin Ferrari, shares for the first time at subnetTALK.

Karin Ferrari uses images from pop culture in order to investigate the present. Inspired by internet subcultures that try to understand ‘what’s really going on?!1!’ Ferrari’s video series DECODING THE WHOLE TRUTH claims to reveal hidden messages in music videos, news intros and advertising. Her work has been shown internationally in museums and art centres, such as the Belvedere 21 in Vienna, Moscow Biennale for Young Art, Antarctica Biennale, The Wrong – Digital Biennale, Art Omi New York.

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