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20190227 KUK SUB 0042 FS1 S06 E08 SubnetTalk KarinFerrari

Subnet Talk | Karin Ferrari zu: The iPhone Xs — A Techno-Magical Portal

“The new iPho­ne… It’s not what you think it is… Karin Fer­ra­ri loo­ked deep into the secret sym­bo­lism of the adver­ti­sing cam­pai­gn for the iPho­ne Xs. Her new short mys­te­ry docu­men­ta­ry shows: It’s ali­ve. And it is not ent­i­re­ly of ter­restri­al ori­gin. The­se start­ling reve­la­ti­ons are just the begin­ning of the stran­gest details to emer­ge from Ferrari’s alter­na­ti­ve rea­ding of ico­nic images and the curious insights they offer into our collec­ti­ve tech­no­lo­gi­cal ima­gi­na­ti­on – that the award win­ning artist, Karin Fer­ra­ri, shares for the first time at sub­net­TALK.

Karin Fer­ra­ri uses images from pop cul­tu­re in order to inves­ti­ga­te the pre­sent. Inspi­red by inter­net sub­cul­tures that try to under­stand ‘what’s real­ly going on?!1!’ Ferrari’s video seri­es DECO­DING THE WHO­LE TRUTH claims to reve­al hid­den messages in music vide­os, news intros and adver­ti­sing. Her work has been shown inter­na­tio­nal­ly in muse­ums and art cen­tres, such as the Bel­ve­de­re 21 in Vien­na, Moscow Bien­na­le for Young Art, Ant­arc­ti­ca Bien­na­le, The Wrong – Digi­tal Bien­na­le, Art Omi New York.

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