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Subnet Talk | Stefan Tiefengraber

Im drit­ten sub­net­TALK des Jah­res spricht der Künst­ler Ste­fan Tie­fen­gra­ber. Spra­che: Eng­lisch.


We are hap­py to announ­ce that Ste­fan Tie­fen­gra­ber will join us on Wed. March 27th at 18:00 at Stu­dio 3 (Cen­ter for Human Com­pu­ter Inter­ac­tion) for this year’s 3rd sub­net­TALK.

Ste­fan Tiefengraber’s work ran­ges from kine­tic sound instal­la­ti­ons and inter­ac­ti­ve instal­la­ti­ons to audio / video noi­se per­for­man­ces. Tie­fen­gra­ber expe­ri­ments with the modi­fi­ca­ti­on of devices, which are ori­gi­nal­ly manu­fac­tu­red for dif­fe­rent pur­po­ses. Com­bi­ned with the per­cep­ti­on of the audi­ence, this expe­ri­men­tal attempt of explo­ring old and new mate­ri­als leads him to new and unpre­dic­ta­ble results.

The artist’s work has been exhi­bi­ted at Ars Elec­tro­ni­ca Fes­ti­val 2018 (Linz/Austria), Gale­rie ger­ken (Berlin/Germany), TodaysArt 2014 (Den Haag/Netherlands), New Media Gal­le­ry (Vancouver/Canada), 16th Media Art Bien­na­le WRO 2015 (Wroclaw/Poland), Pik­sel Fes­ti­val 2016 (Bergen/Norway).

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