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subnetTALK | Antoni Rayzhekov. Watch out.

Anto­ni Rayz­he­kov is a Bul­ga­ri­an media cho­reo­grapher, theat­re maker and new media artist – based in Vien­na. He will pre­sent work that is focu­sed on explo­ring syn­er­gies bet­ween gene­ra­ti­ve music, con­tem­po­ra­ry per­for­mance and par­ti­ci­pa­to­ry art by desig­ning reac­ti­ve audio visu­al spaces as digi­tal media instru­ments that ampli­fy dif­fe­rent aspects of the per­for­mer and the per­for­mance its­elf, inclu­ding the audi­ence as a crea­ti­ve partner.

Lan­guage: English

Die Sen­de­zei­ten des Sub­net­TALK vom 16.März sind wie gewohnt im Pro­gramm von FS1 zu sehen. Online zu sehen ist er hier.

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