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Tanz_house Festival | MYCELIUM

Fun­gi are omni­pre­sent, they pro­found­ly shape the world we live in. Fun­gi grow ever­y­whe­re, and yet many of us think of them as a hosti­le life form. Just like fun­gi, humans, too, enter into para­si­tic and sym­bio­tic rela­ti­onships if it suits their net­wor­king needs.

con­cept, cho­reo­gra­phy — Rosa­na Ribei­ro in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with
devi­sing per­for­mers — Vere­na Pir­cher, Tomaž Sima­to­vić, Jad­wi­ga Mord­ars­ka
rehear­sal direc­tor — Melis­sa Ugo­li­ni
sound design, com­po­si­ti­on — Peter Kast­ner
cos­tu­me — Sara Chéu 

light design — Hei­de Tömpe

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