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Put some colour in your life | Patrick Owen Wilson

Put some colour in your life ist ein australisches Community-Medien Format, in der Hauptrolle Patrick Owen Wilson.

Das australische Community-Medien Format “Put some colour in your life” beschäftigt sich in der aktuellen Ausgabe mit den Kunstwerken von Patrick Owen Wilson.

“Patrick Owen Wilson became interested in art from a very early age, finding great enjoyment in his ability to draw. After completing his schooling, he started work as an electrician, but found that line of work was just not for him. He then spent time as an Internal Auditor before utilizing his artistic ability to work in advertising.

It was his wife who encouraged him to start concentrating on fine art some years later, and with her support he has been able to live his dream. Patrick Owen Wilson’s main source of inspiration in sculpture is his wife.

To me, that is what sculpture should be all about. It is there, in full three-dimensional form, inviting the observer to become fully involved, both visually and by touch, to feel it and caress it and thereby understand it and be at one with the artist’s creation.” – Patrick Owen Wilson”

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Wir feiern Weihnachten!

Gemeinsam mit unseren Volontär*innen, Sendungsmacher*innen und allen weiteren FS1-Freund*innen zelebrieren wir ein weiteres erfolgreiches Community-TV-Jahr!

Wann: Freitag, 13.12.
Wo: FS1-Foyer, Kunstquartier

Für Musik, Speis & Trank ist gesorgt. Spannende & lustige Programmpunkte, unter anderem die Verleihung des #GoldenKlaus2019, stehen an.

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