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Put some colour in your life | Patrick Owen Wilson

Put some colour in your life ist ein aus­tra­li­sches Com­mu­ni­ty-Medi­en For­mat, in der Haupt­rol­le Patrick Owen Wilson.

Das aus­tra­li­sche Com­mu­ni­ty-Medi­en For­mat “Put some colour in your life” beschäf­tigt sich in der aktu­el­len Aus­ga­be mit den Kunst­wer­ken von Patrick Owen Wilson.

“Patrick Owen Wil­son beca­me inte­res­ted in art from a very ear­ly age, fin­ding gre­at enjoy­ment in his abi­li­ty to draw. After com­ple­ting his schoo­ling, he star­ted work as an electri­ci­an, but found that line of work was just not for him. He then spent time as an Inter­nal Audi­tor befo­re uti­li­zing his artis­tic abi­li­ty to work in advertising.

It was his wife who encou­ra­ged him to start con­cen­tra­ting on fine art some years later, and with her sup­port he has been able to live his dream. Patrick Owen Wilson’s main source of inspi­ra­ti­on in sculp­tu­re is his wife.

To me, that is what sculp­tu­re should be all about. It is the­re, in full three-dimen­sio­nal form, invi­t­ing the obser­ver to beco­me ful­ly invol­ved, both visual­ly and by touch, to feel it and caress it and ther­eby under­stand it and be at one with the artist’s crea­ti­on.” – Patrick Owen Wilson”

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Herbst 2021

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