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Subnet Talk | Renate C.-Z. Quehenberger | 5D Space Machine

Sup­po­se we are living insi­de the ulti­ma­te intel­li­gent living machi­ne:
I will pre­sent ani­ma­ted geo­me­try films of the 3D repre­sen­ta­ti­on of the Pen­ro­se kites & darts til­ing, unit cells of 5‑dimensional space, iden­ti­fied as Plato’s 5th ele­ment syn­ony­mous with the Quint­essence & the Aether; also con­forming to Hen­ri Poincaré’s dode­ca­he­dral space as model for the Uni­ver­se (1904).
The talk intends to reflect the para­dig­ma­tic shift from the space as seat of the gods that acts like a machi­ne to man-made machi­nes with god­li­ke attri­bu­tes like ethics and control.


Rena­te C.-Z.-Quehenberger,, Dr. Phil., media artist, and SciArt rese­ar­cher based in Vien­na (AT). Publi­ca­ti­ons in the fields of art, geo­me­try, archaeo­lo­gy, quan­tum phy­sics and sys­tem theo­ry. PEEK/FWF, SciArt pro­ject »Quan­tum Cine­ma a digi­tal Visi­on« (2010-2013)

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