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subnet Talk@Schmiede | Kirsten Johannsen

Wir haben den sub­net Talk aus der Schmie­de Hal­lein vom 14.09. mit­do­ku­men­tiert. Von 11. — 20. Sep­tem­ber fin­det das Kunst-Arbeits­fes­ti­val auf der Hal­lei­ner Pener­in­sel statt — wir sind an zwei Tagen live dabei!

Kirs­ten Johann­sen is an artist, rese­ar­cher and edu­ca­tor, based in Ber­lin. In her stu­dio prac­ti­ce, she com­bi­nes ana­lo­gue and digi­tal media. She crea­tes inter­ac­ti­ve envi­ron­ments, objects and pho­to­graphs through which she initia­tes an inter­play bet­ween the reci­pi­ent and his/her sur­roun­ding. Some of her works are part of the art collec­tions of the ZKM | Cen­ter for Art and Media Karls­ru­he, Muse­um Lud­wig Colo­gne, and Neu­er Ber­li­ner Kunst­ver­ein. Kirs­ten stu­di­ed visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on at the Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts in Ber­lin, and recei­ved a doc­to­ral degree from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ply­mouth, UK.

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