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SEAD | Mmmmmmmmm

Eine Tanzchoreografie von Vittoria de Ferrari Sapetto zum Thema Plastik. Wie entsteht es, wie sinnvoll ist es und wie beeinflusst es unseren Alltag?

Mmmmmmmmm, cho­reo­gra­phy by Vit­to­ria de Fer­ra­ri Sapet­to during the Sym­pho­nic Dance Fes­ti­val in SEAD — Salz­burg Expe­ri­men­tal Aca­de­my of Dance.

A reflec­tion about plastic.

When was it crea­ted? In which ways was it use­ful at that time? What was hap­pe­ning in art in that spe­ci­fic his­to­ri­cal peri­od? How can plastic effect our dai­ly life? Do we rea­li­ze the real quan­ti­ty of plastic we use every day un our life? Is the­re dif­fe­rence bet­ween all the­se ter­ri­ble images of ani­mal eating and dying becau­se of plastic and human beings?

Direc­tor: Vit­to­ria de Fer­ra­ri Sapet­to
Assi­stant: Die­go Fran­cis­co Ruer­da
Crea­ted and per­for­med by: Ari­el Hayoun, Chloé Len­dor­my, Mar­ga­re­ta Firin­ger, Michae­la  Kad­lčí­ko­vá, Paul Cou­chard, Shiri Per­el­mu­ter, susan­na Yli­koski, Tris­tan Benon, Valt­tri Vil­le Kein­ä­nen
Guest: Anto­nio Por­cu Car­ta
Music: Jour­ney for a tra­vel­ler (Anne Mul­ler & Nils Frahm), an evening with Olafur Arnalds an Nils Frah

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