• Dein Sendeplatz. Du machst FS1.

    Dein Sendeplatz. Du machst FS1.

  • Kult. Kultur zum Mitmachen. Du bist dabei.

    Kult. Kultur zum Mitmachen. Du bist dabei.

  • Das offene Format für Deine Themen. Red´ mit.

    Das offene Format für Deine Themen. Red´ mit.

  • We will rock you. Rock mit.

    We will rock you. Rock mit.

FS1 - Your Television: Salzburg's Public Access and Community Media Center

FS1 is a non-commercial, adfree community television station and community media center in Salzburg (Austria) and next to the Community TV okto in Vienna and dorf in Linz, the third non-commercial broadcasters with a 24 hour full program in Austria.

After the launch on 16th February 2012 we broadcast via DVB-C (Salzburg AG, Channel Slot "36", TV Standard 720p) in all areas of the state of Salzburg and cover some areas of Styria (Schladming, Bad Aussee).
Over A1.TV we broadcast since 1/2017 through IPTV (Channel Slot "436", TV Standard 720p) nationwide.

FS1 offers not only public access to TV, we are open for unskilled persons / groups / initiatives / schools etc., and traine and educate in journalism, multimedia production, broadcast services in TV / Internet, community building and free speech.

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Main Contacts

Community TV Salzburg Non-Commercial Ltd.
Bergstraße 12 - 5020 Salzburg, Austria - E.U.
Office Fon: +43 662 231036
Mail: office@remove-this.fs1.tv

Alf Altendorf (Financial) a.altendorf@remove-this.fs1.tv, mobile: +43 - 699 14301075
Markus Weisheitinger-Herrmann (Production) m.weisheitinger-herrmann@remove-this.fs1.tv

Regina Würz r.wuerz@remove-this.fs1.tv

Sarah Bailey Zeitlinger s.zeitlinger@remove-this.fs1.tv

Sara Wichelhaus s.wichelhaus@fs1.tv
Katharina Maier k.maier@remove-this.fs1.tv
Rainer Maislinger music@remove-this.fs1.tv

ACADEMY (Workshops)
Carla Stenitzer c.stenitzer@remove-this.fs1.tv

Chris Eberle c.eberle@remove-this.fs1.tv
Christoph Huber c.huber@remove-this.fs1.tv

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Owner and editor of FS1 is a non-profit limited company. Shareholders are the association of the program creators (25,14%), Salzburg´s community radio Radiofabrik (24%), the Institute for Media Education (IMB) (24%), the umbrella organization of cultural sites (24%) and individuals (2,86%).

Trough participation of the producers in the ownership structure of FS1, we can be considered as the first democratic television in Austria. The station claim "Dein Fernsehen" (meaning: Your TV) is an expression of this idea as well.

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FS1 is member of Radiofabrik, of the umbrella organization of Salzburg's cultural sites, the VCFÖ (Association of Community Television Austria) and the Austrian Education Organisation COMMIT.
On international levels we are member of the CMFE (Community Media Forum Europe).


Since 2016 FS1 is Receiving organisation accredited to run projects under European Voluntary Service - part of the European Union's Erasmus+ programme.

We host 1 - 2 young volunteers, helping to establish & run media projects for Salzburgs Community TV Station in contact with local culture, music & refugee communities.

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Slideshow of FS1´s Activities @ Flickr